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Create your Welcome Site!

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A Welcome Site

Web Design




This meeting will be used to make an initial assessment of the type of website your business will need and to get a feel for the overall design style that you wish to see.  You will provide ideas and general content topics so we can start to tailor your very own welcoming site.  We are based out of the rapidly growing city of Huntsville, Alabama.  If you are local to the Huntsville area we can arrange a meeting in person.  If you are not, we can have this initial brainstorm session over the phone, internet or by email.   

Design &

From the information that was attained at the initial meeting, we will start the design process.  After developing one or more rough website options for you to view, we will contact you for feedback on those designs to see if we are in agreement on the overall style, etc.  This may be in person or online.  Any input you give us at this time will be used to adjust or recreate the website drafts.  Once you have approved a draft, a  50% down payment will be required.    The remainder of the site will be finished. 

Launch & Transfer

Once you are satisfied with the final product and we have tested the site, the remaining 50% of the fee will be due and we will launch and transfer your site to you.  



Once your website has launched, you may choose to maintain the site yourself or contract A Welcome Site to maintain it for you.   Please contact us for maintenance package options and pricing.  Please note that one of our package options is an instruction session on maintenance should you wish to maintain it yourself.  

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